Employee Training and Development

Taking training above and beyond the basic requirements creates a culture of strong safety at Patriot.

A key component of our approach is a multi-week course that incorporates the training required to work as a new miner in the states in which we operate. We pay participants base wages while they are in training. Once participants satisfactorily complete the training and are employed at one of our operations, their pay is increased to applicable miner wages.

We also offer skill training such as electrical certification, foreman’s certification, welding/mechanic training and safety training to help our employees broaden their skills.

Our safety training emphasizes an understanding of the mine environment, including ventilation, roof control, maintenance, emergency preparedness, safe use of hand tools, and a variety of other topics related to working in the mines. We employ high-quality training instructors who are some of our more seasoned employees – with an average tenure of more than 25 years of coal mining experience.

Our training programs are hands-on and interactive to make the experience as realistic as possible, extensively using simulators and electrical panels that match our equipment.

We operate a two dedicated training facilities – one near Wharton, West Virginia and one in Quincy, West Virginia.