Patriot Coal is a producer and marketer of coal in the eastern United States, with operations and coal reserves in the Appalachia and the Illinois Basin coal regions. We and our predecessor companies have operated in these regions for more than 50 years. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, we employ approximately 4,000 people with 1,600 represented by the United Mine Workers of America and 2,400 non-union represented employees.

In 2013, we sold 21.5 million tons of coal, of which 70% was sold to domestic and global electricity generators and industrial customers and 30% was sold to domestic and global steel and coke producers. We shipped a record 48% of our volume to locations outside the U.S. in 2013.

Our operations consist of 10 active complexes, with one in northern West Virginia, seven in southern West Virginia and two in western Kentucky.

Northern Appalachia Thermal

Central Appalachia Metallurgical
Kanawha Eagle
Paint Creek

Central Appalachia Thermal
Midland Trail
Corridor G

Illinois Basin Thermal
Dodge Hill

Transportation Optionality
East Coast & Gulf exports

We ship coal to electricity generators, industrial users, steel mills and independent coke producers, as well as brokers that ultimately sell the coal to these same types of customers.  Coal is shipped via various company-owned and third-party loading facilities, multiple rail and river transportation routes and ocean-going vessels.

Our mining operations and coal reserves are as follows:


In southern West Virginia, we have seven mining complexes located in Boone, Lincoln, Kanawha and Raleigh counties. In northern West Virginia, we have one complex located in Monongalia County. We sold 17.7 million tons of coal in Appalachia in 2013. We control 1.2 billion tons of proven and probable coal reserves in Appalachia, of which 485 million tons are assigned to current operations.

Illinois Basin

In the Illinois Basin, we have two complexes located in Union and Henderson counties in western Kentucky. We sold 3.8 million tons of coal in the Illinois Basin in 2013 and control 596 million tons of proven and probable coal reserves in the Illinois Basin, of which 106 million tons are assigned to current operations.